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«NABOKOV» - is a lifestyle: quality, elegance and high approach.

«NABOKOV» is located in one of the most beautiful architectural buildings  of Sochi - «Vereshchaginskaya Dacha».
The design of the restaurant is made in the modern classics with elements of the loft, which, in combination with each other make it possible to easily add the definition of "fusion"

into the description.
The ground floor is light and spacious: panoramic windows, wine racks and an open kitchen, where a team of chefs works under the guidance of Dmitry Gradovich.

On the walls - shelves of books the authors of timeless classics and and paintings by the expressionist Mark Rothko.

The second floor is chamber, contrasting with the first. The dark graphite tones, with the author's stucco, cold marble surfaces and a separate room for private meetings and negotiations.


A special place in the center of the hall is occupied by the acting piano J.Bekker of 1903 with a unique history.


Piano J. Bekker was manufactured in St. Petersburg in 1903.
The owner of the tool was a man wealthy and talented. According to our information for more than ten years, the piano played in the house of the head of Ekaterinburg - Alexander Evlampievich Obukhov. After the revolution, the piano moved to Moscow and served for a while as an educational tool at the Moscow Conservatory. Further traces are lost ... We found it in one of the abandoned warehouses in excellent condition: every detail is original. Now, after restoration and tuning, we have the opportunity to enjoy the sound of more than a century-old instrument!


Dmitry Gradovich - Chef of the restaurant «NABOKOV»

He has extensive experience in large projects in Moscow and Krasnodar Territory.

In «NABOKOV» Dmitry embodies completely new author's ideas. His dishes are based on trends in French and European cuisine.

Grigory Kutsenko - Сhef-Sommelier of the restaurant «NABOKOV»

Gregory graduated from Schools of sommelier «Meter» and «Enotria».

He is one of the bests from ten sommeliers in Russia according to the results of the 2015 Russian sommelier team competition. In Sochi, he was opening high-profile projects that are still successful, where he served as a sommelier and a bar-manager.

“For me, the restaurant «NABOKOV» is a new challenge, a test of my professionalism and a desire to turn it into one of the best wine places not only in Sochi, but also in the entire Krasnodar region”,- Gregory says confidently.

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